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A quality check for your website

The very first contact made with your business, or with you as an individual, is often via your website. If such first impressions are important to you, it is imperative that the content of your site is thought-provoking, interesting, accurate and well presented.  Simply Words Editing Services can help you achieve all of these attributes.

You may have spent a great deal of time and/or money on the technical aspects of the site - to ensure that it can be navigated easily - but that could all be wasted if the content of the pages it contains is poorly written, and/or contains typos or other mistakes.

With the help of Simply Words Editing Services, never again need you be embarrassed because your English language or content writing skills, or those of your staff, are less than perfect.

If your website has already been published, just let us know its address (the home page URL) and we will take a look at it.  For proofreading or the editing of new copy, submit your draft wording today (send it to 

If you are not certain where to start, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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